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About Us

It all began in Germany seven years ago where we started our Rooftop Solar Parks business.

As it was successful we decided to incorporate the same approach to the Bulgarian market.

Nowadays our experience in Solar plants creation across Germany counts more than 50 MW installed energy and around 150 000 m2 covered superficies.

 The new subsidiary JD Solar has been established in 2020 with the scope to create Solar parks all over Bulgaria.

We are specialized in technical design, installation and commissioning of Solar parks - both on the ground and mounted on rooftops. Our successfully implemented projects in the country are up to 5 MW each

and they are growing at the speed of light. 

"Following the light of the Sun, we left
the Old World."

Christopher Columbus

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Solar Prks

Solar Parks

Energy Storage

We are specialized in Solar parks creation either on the ground and on top of roofs. In alignment with our aspiration for better and clean environment all our office buildings, factories and warehouses have been covered with solar panels. Win-win approach which allow us to power our production units with green energy and positively influence the areas where we have established our businesses. This attitude lead us to many successful projects and fruitful collaborations during the years.

Sofia, Pirdop, Most, Nova Zagora, Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg - these are some of the locations where we have already created Solar Power Plants on top of business buildings, factories and warehouses. A dozen of ground based Solar parks are fully operating in Bulgaria and in Germany and we are constantly seeking new opportunities for cooperation across Europe.

We propose from A to Z solutions. Whenever you decide to invest in green energy, Count on us!

Our business unit for Sustainable Energy Solutions in relation to the Green Deal concept and measures is in a constant growth during the last years. Apart from Solar Power Plants creation we consider the Energy storage a crucial segment where to invest our forces and efforts. Often the generated energy exceeds the capacity of a company to absorb it especially during weekends and bank holidays. This is why storage units become so important for keeping the  green power.


We offer storage solutions in accordance with the latest trends and innovations collaborating with some of the leading manufacturers in this sector. It has always been essential for us to cooperate with the best in class companies, aspiring high standards and uncompromising quality. We offer energy storage systems with capacity range form 30 kW/h up to 2 MW/h. 

Share with us your needs for energy storage, so we can find the perfect solution for you!

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