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Wherever there is a possibility for expansion we are ready to step in. Our dynamic structure allows us to be flexible when new opportunities present themselves. See our portfolio of executed projects and feel free to share with us you idea for collaboration. We have the capacity and knowhow to make it work.


2 MW
Solar Park Vratza

The solar park was built by JD Solar in 2023 and is expected to be put into operation and included in the electricity distribution network at the beginning of 2024. The solar park was built for the company JD Invest .

2 MW
Solar Park Nova Zagora

The park was built by JD Solar in 2022 and is expected to be put into operation and included in the electricity distribution network by the end of 2023. The solar park was built for the company U rent.

MicrosoftTeams-image (5)_edited.jpg
MicrosoftTeams-image (5)_edited.jpg

2 MW
Solar Park Voyvodovo

Solar Park Voyvodovo was built in 2022 and was put into operation in 2023. The park was built for the company U rent  and the generated green energy is sold on the free market. One more good example of a private company investment in renewable energy sources and another successful project for JD Solar.


234 KW
Wood Processing Factory MOST

We created a Rooftop Solar Plant for the wood processing factory MOST. Part of the energy will be directly used for their needs while the exceeding quantities generated during weekends and holidays will be injected to the power grid. 

IMG-02834a47a5d3e528f2d05bf5107ecb40-V11 - Copy_edited.jpg
IMG-02834a47a5d3e528f2d05bf5107ecb40-V11 - Copy.jpg

13 x 30 KW
Solar Park, Nova Zagora

We have built 13 ground based installations each of them generating 30 KW. The project has been executed and put into operation in 1 month period. All the energy will be injected to the power grid.

3 x 30 KW
Warehouse, Pirdop

The rooftop areas of a warehouse consistent of 3 buildings have been fully equipped with solar panels. The Solar Park has been created with the scope to generate green energy and sell it to the free market. Our small contribution for creating a positive impact to the whole area.


20 KW
Business Building, Sofia

The free areas on the facade of the head office of Avto Engineering Holding Group have been also covered by solar panels in order to generate electrical power and satisfy part of the company needs. 

showimage (6).jpg

50 MW, 150 000 m2
Projects in Germany

Since 2014 we develop our business of Rooftop Solar Parks installation, commissioning and management in North and East Germany - the Mecca of the renewable energy solutions. 

It is not exaggerated to state that we are among the leading companies operating in this sector and we are proud that our team of installers of solar systems is one of the most experienced and well performing in whole Germany. 

Among our clients are owners of industrial and agricultural halls, business buildings, private houses etc. 

Our performance: approx. 6000 m2 installed solar systems on a yearly basis. 

The bottom line: for 7 years we have installed more than 150 000 m2 photovoltaic systems in the areas of Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg, Leipzig, Dresden, Magdeburg.

showimage (6).jpg
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