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Our Concept

JD Solar is introducing a new concept to the Bulgarian Solar Power Plants segment. 

We would like to collaborate with industrial companies and business buildings owners who are prone to participate in Green Еnergy projects of mutual interest with a guaranteed result, interested to rent their rooftops under long term ECKO contracts.

The aim of this new model is to combine our expertise in Solar Parks creation with the aspiration of other companies to use their free rooftop areas and exploit the solar energy. In a long term perspective this means establishment of a wide solar network across the country between companies who cares about the surrounding world.

Let's improve the environment where we all live and work by combining our strengths.

Thanks to Our Partners


If you're interested to join us, please send us a message

We would like to collaborate under long term ECKO contracts with companies aligned with the Green concept who care about the environment and are open to innovative solutions. Our expertise is covered by ISO 9001, ISO 14 001, ISO 18001.

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